Intensive course

Intensive course

Summer courses and preparatory courses for elementary school.

Summer courses

Summer courses offer the possibility to work intensely on the language acquisition. Making crafts and playing help us understand instructions and learn German using all our senses. Most importantly, we want your child to have fun and enjoy learning a new language! They will learn German in small groups in a playful and informal environment and all “auf deutsch”!

Intensive courses July 2020

Summer intensive course for Kindergarten children/ Preschool children: 6.7.2020 - 31.7.2020:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11:00-01:00 pm

Summer intensive course for Elementary school children: 6.7.2020 –31.7.2020:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 02:00-04:00 pm

Registrations open now! Joining the course ist possible at any time.


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