Intensive course

Intensive course and Learning Guidance

Summer courses and learning guidance.

Summer courses

Summer courses offer the ideal opportunity to make great progress in a short time. Making crafts and playing help us understand instructions and learn German using all our senses. Most importantly, we want your child to have fun and enjoy learning a new language! They will learn German in small groups in a playful and informal environment and all “auf deutsch”!

We offer a wide range of intensive courses in July and August 2024. Our intensive courses are aimed at both kindergarten children and primary school children. You can find the course programme and information on prices here.

Timetable Summer Courses


Learning Guidance

Learning should be fun and enjoyable for children, because successful learning is the foundation for good progress at school. If there are problems with learning, frustration and stress quickly arise for both parents and children. We support you and your child in solving these problems.

In the learning counselling, the difficulties are discussed and analysed and possibilities for overcoming them are sought together, and if necessary suitable tasks are selected. Depending on the needs and problems, we also offer longer-term support.

The common goal is to reduce learning frustration and improve the learning atmosphere. This should make learning noticeably easier and less stressful.

Tuesday, 10.00-12.00 o'clock by appointment

Further appointments possible by arrangement

Cost per appointment including material: 39 €

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